Worthless and Precious -Part 1

There is a battle going on, and it is over our hearts and minds!


Today’s conversation begins with Worthless. Worthless is the voice of lies and the voice that bombards our lives with negative thoughts. Worthless’ sounds reinforce our beliefs about ourselves.

Worthless has a loud voice even when he whispers. And without help from Precious, who is of God, can the sound of Worthless end or become silent.

The Voice of Worthless

I am Worthless; the dictionary defines me as (of a person) having no good qualities, deserving contempt. I live in your heart. Does this sound like you?

Don’t be fooled! Just because they say they love God. I’m still working on their hearts, and sometimes, I can distract them from God’s word, but then they go back to it and I lose their attention. That is the hold God has on them. I’ve lost

But I can do a lot of damage to those who doubt God or don’t believe what God says is real and true. I know He loves you and calls you Beloved! But when you don’t believe Him. I win!

You may know me better when I whisper; you’re useless, despicable, and mean. You are incompetent and lousy. Sound familiar? I thought so.

These are the words and the feelings I bring to your spirit. I’m investing in you! You are an asset to me!

The more you hear my voice, the more you will believe me. And once I can get you to feel me, the more you think you are me, Worthless.

My goal is to cause you to feel hopeless. As a matter-of-fact, if I can get you to dwell on feeling desperate, I win.

Other ways I win?

I win when you don’t get the job you were qualified to do. I win when you decide to take drugs, and the drugs take over your mind, body, and spirit.

I want you blind to my ways. When alcohol and drugs ruin your life and take your family away, you won’t know how it happened to you. Oh, and when pornography slips out of hiding. I win again!

When you sit in a cold, damp cell, separated from the world. And you try to hide behind the black rod-iron bars, as you wonder, where did you go wrong? I win!

I whisper good-for-nothing and a shiftless nobody. Oh, what I can do with a whisper. You see, I win because I have you in a hopeless place. Feeling like trash, your soul plundered. Oh! I do a fantastic job. People who see you as I do, I can put them front and center in your life.

My job isn’t easy

I work hard to prevent the people who can help you; intervene for you. I use guilt, who is your companion, and shame who loves you. The words that can help you, you can’t murmur.

The only people that can help you is someone who sees you as Precious sees you. And I’m doing my best to keep those people away from you. Precious unravels my work, and the people who believe her are a nuisance, and very annoying. They don’t give up, and they are sneaky. Precious and I are in a constant battle for your heart.

HOLD ON You just HOLD ON I’m Precious, Worthless mentioned me, but let me tell you about myself.

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