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Author & Project Manager for And He Restoreth My Soul

cropped-cropped-and-he-restoreth-my-soul-00front-cover-ebook-cover-1 is an Anthology written for those who walk with survivors of sexual abuse and can be purchased from any online bookstore! And He Restoreth My Soul


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Rape victim writes book to help others Darlene J. Harris is interviewed by News Reporter Tiffany Clark appeared in the December 2017 issues of the Ohio County Rising Sun Recorder News and the Dearborn County Register. Dearborn County Register RG_12072017_A2


Darlene J. Harris is excited and grateful to be featured in Assembling THE Pieces 2015 Fall Edition. Assembling THE Pieces is a newsletter published by the University of Minnesota Institute on Domestic Violence in the African Community (IDVAAC). The featured article includes the message of healing and hopes discovered in the pages of And He Restoreth My Soul. It is exciting when others see the value in your work. Darlene expresses heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Oliver J. Williams, IDVAAC Director, and Greg Huskisson, author/editor. Please click on the link above to read the newsletter. ASSEMBLING PIECES FALL2015_-12

Radio Interview with Christopher Neiswonger KKLA Los Angeles, CA

A two-hour interview with Christopher Neiswonger on July 15, 2011, are marks of great success for the short period of time that And He Restoreth My Soul has been on the market.  You can hear the audio of the Interview under the menu item KKLA Interview

International Forgiveness InstituteEditor’s Note: Darlene J. Harris is a sought-after speaker, author of “And He Restoreth My Soul,” and the developer/leader of workshops and retreats for women. She writes primarily on the topics of sexual abuse and molestation because by the age of 18 she had been raped twice. “I don’t want anyone to hurt like I did” is the mantra that drives her. This is her story in her own words. Darlene J. Harris December 4, 2015 


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