God does Know Just How Much We Can Bear

These words were composed and written by Roberta Martin between 1939 and 1941. The words have been on my mind for awhile. So I went searching and found all three verses.

At one time or another we all have felt and murmured the words to this song. We many not have known they were in a song but they were in our heart, and we were sure that God knew how much more we could take.

I hope the words to this song lifts your spirits and calms you weary minds because God does Know Just How Much We Can Bear.


We are our heavenly Father’s children

And we all know that He loves us one and all

Yet there are times when we find we answer

Another’s voice and call

If we are willing, He will teach us

His voice only to obey no matter where

And He knows Yes, He knows

Just how much we can bear


Think of the times you’ve asked the question

Down in your heart now just what shall I do

Then you confide in your friends and loved ones

But they have troubles too

There is a God who rules earth and heav’n

In Him there’s relief from every pain or care

For He knows, Yes He knows

Just how much we can bear


Just praise His name although you’re burdened

For there are blessings He’s bestowed on you

In every way we must never doubt Him

These trials we must go through

Try to endure a little longer

And don’t forget that for each of us He cares

And He knows, Yes, He knows

Just how much we can bear


Though the load gets heavy

You’re never left alone to bear it all

Just ask for strength and keep on tolling

Tho’ the teardrops fall

You have the joy of this assurance

The heavenly Father will always answer prayer

And He knows, Yes He knows

Just how much you can bear


 © 1939 Roberta Martin/Traditional Gospel Hymn/Public Domain Roberta Martin Words and Music: Roberta Martin

All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners.

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